UNIT #104 - USA Mobile Commissary

UNIT #104

Fully Equipped Food Truck


http://rpstransit.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://rpstransit.com/whats-new/ 36″ Flat Griddle
S.S. Steam Table
S.S. 3 Basin Sinks
S.S. Hand Sink
Interior Fluorescent Lights
Exterior Canopy Door Lighting
Fresh-Water Tank
Waste-Water Tank
Dual Propane Tanks
Complete Stainless Steel Interior
3 Service Windows
3 Door Custom Refrigeration
Multiple Warming Boxes (Self-Service)
Multiple Cooler Display Boxes (Self Service)
Refrigerated Cold Sandwich / Dessert Box w/ Glass Doors, Accessible from Inside or Out
Large S.S. Ice Chest with Display Shelves for Customer Self-Service
Coffee Urns
Hot Line Hood w/Exhaust System
Soap Dispenser
Napkin Dispensers
S.S. Shelving & Storage Areas
Exterior Trash Bin
4/5 Screened Sky-Lights/Vents

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