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Our team here at USAMC has over 25 years of combined knowledge and experience in building and fabricating custom commercial vehicles for the foodservice industry.  From helping you to realize your dream and enter the mobile food industry to expanding your billion dollar brand to include a mobile platform, our team can facilitate you needs and help you reach your “end game”.

Our team has worked on projects with such national brands as Hormel Foods, Rolling Rock Beer, Johnsonville Sausage, Stouffers and others.  We also pride ourselves on working with brick and mortar restaurants looking to “Go Mobile” such as The Balkan Express, Steve’s Prince of Steaks and many others.  We are also able to help conceptualize and create mobile brands for fresh start up ventures looking to hit the streets and bring their food to the masses such as Local 225 BBQ, Dos Hermanos, World Wide Burrito Company, Engine 413, MATT’s Gourmet Sliders, The WIT Truck, Curbside Cafe and the list goes on.

We have years of experience in the foodservice industry and understand the “work flow” needed in a mobile kitchen in order to make a productive and profitable unit.  We do not simply place standard brick and mortar commercial cooking equipment in a truck and bolt it in like most companies.   USAMC custom fabricates everything from the work counters to the exhaust hood system.  We do not order these items from outside vendors and simple”drop them in”.  We make sure that every inch of your vehicle is being used to your advantage.

Whether your located right here in the CIty of Philadelphia or in the lovely City of Angels, Los Angeles, we can fabricate your vehicle to meet the regulations and health codes of your local health and licensing departments.  DO NOT fall for the fly by night “food truck consultants” or food truck builders that do not “specialize” in just food trucks such as body shops, equipment suppliers and other self-proclaimed “food truck fabricators”.

Call and arrange a walk-through of both our 15,000 sf fabrication facility and our 30,000 sf commissary facility here in Philadelphia.  If you fly in for your visit and have us build your custom food truck, we will reimburse the expense for your ticket.  We will have a chauffeured vehicle pick you  up at the airport and bring you to our facility at not cost.  Simply how we treat our clients.

is it safe to buy finasteride online General Specifications

  • Floor is covered in 1/8” aluminium diamond plate
  • Walls and ceiling are covered in a high heat insulation
  • Ceiling is covered with quilted stainless steel
  • Walls are covered in quilted stainless steel
  • Water tanks are custom fabricated for potable water
  • All water lines, taps, fittings, water pumps are NSF
  • All counter frames are manufactured by us from stainless steel
  • All counters and equipment are closed at the bottom with kick plates and sealed
  • All equipment is certified NSF
  • The only wood used in the construction process is in the sub-floor (if required) and is completely sealed off.

see Interior Conversion

  • Strip stepvan of unwanted shelving & cabinets
  • Rough layout of equipment and counter locations to determine location of cut-outs for service window, roof vents, hot water heater & other required vents
  • Framing of walls & roof with 1” square aluminium tubing after vent holes are cut out
  • Lay down tongue & groove plywood sub-floor if required.
  • 1/8” aluminium checker plate is laid and sealed
  • Insulate walls & ceiling with 1” high heat insulation board
  • Ceiling is skinned with white powder coated aluminium sheet
  • Walls are skinned with 304 #4 quilted stainless steel
  • Fabricate service counter to suit
  • 3 roof vents
  • Fabricate and install aluminium service window complete with gas spring lifters and interior latches
  • Install fluorescent lighting on ceiling as required
  • Install power panel c/w breakers and outlets as required and as layout will allow
  • One year Parts & Labor on all work performed by USA Mobile Commissary.
  • USAMC does not carry any warranties on equipment that is not fabricated and installed by USAMC. All equipment installed has a transferable manufacturers or supplier warranty. Any warranty issues with equipment must be dealt with the original manufacturer.
  • USAMC does not carry any warranties on trucks supplied by the customer or on trucks sourced by Apollo. Vending Window

  • 2 pcs interior PlexiGlass or screen sliders in service window opening plus vent screens

Generator Compartment c/w Sliding Frame

  • Generator to be sized and quoted based on requirements.

Complete Water System

  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Frame
  • Stainless Steel Counter – 304 #4 s/s
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Doors – 304 #4
  • 40 Gallon Fresh Water Capacity
  • 50 Gallon Waste Water Capacity
  • 6 Gallon Suburban Propane Fired Hot Water Heater
  • On Demand Water Pump (If Needed)
  • Triple Ware Wash Sinks – Deep – each c/w Hot & Cold Mixing Faucet
  • Hand Wash Sink – 9.5”x10.5”x6” deep – c/w Hot & Cold Mixing Faucet
  • Water Fill
  • Waste Water Drain Valve
  • Hand Tower Dispenser
  • Hand Soap Dispenser

Complete Propane System

  • Piping is run and tested
  • Propane is tested
  • Once equipment is installed, a secondary inspection is performed and the Food Truck is inspected.
  • Under carriage propane tank
  • High rating BTU Twin Stage regulator
  • ¾” Black iron piping to all appliances
  • Shut offs at all appliances


  • All electrical is installed

Fire Suppression

  • (if required) is Installed by our third party certified contractor

Exhaust Hood

  • Price is based on approx. 9ft hood with commercial exhaust fan
  • If a longer hood is required (additional cost)
  • Stainless steel hood & shroud
  • Stainless Steel grease filters
  • Stainless steel grease tray
  • Roof mounted exhaust fan

Fire Suppression

  • Installed by a third party, certified installer who will be contracted to do the install.
  • Payment is made directly to the third party installer of the fire suppression system.

Additional Counters (Additional Cost)

  • Stainless Steel Tube Frame
  • Stainless Steel Counter Top
  • Shelves or Storage Doors Below


  • 50% deposit plus applicable taxes with order.
    A draw of 40% plus applicable taxes when initial �����������skinning of the truck is completed.”
  • Balance due in full at completion and before any Food Truck is shipped or picked up. Please allow enough time for the transfer of funds to be completed on, or prior to the actual pick-up or shipping date.
  • As all mobile food units are custom made specifically for the intended application of the purchaser, deposits are non-refundable. USAMC will at its discretion attempt to find a secondary purchaser with a standard 20% reassignment fee deducted from any deposits or payments made prior to the default. There is no guarantee USAMC will find a secondary purchaser.
  • If a truck is to be purchased by USAMC, the purchase price and any mechanical work is to be paid in full by the customer at the time of purchase or work performed.
  • Standard manufacturing time for a food truck is approximately 6-16 weeks from the date of the initial 50% deposit. The initial deposit guarantees a placement in the work queue but may not necessarily create the commencement of the manufacturing process of the mobile food unit at the same time.
  • USAMC cannot be held responsible for the availability of equipment & supplies from outside suppliers.
  • Truck owners must have a minimum of Storage Insurance on any vehicle left at USAMC.
  • USAMC will not be held responsible for any damage or theft to customer vehicles.



  • USA Mobile Commissary carries a NON-TRANSFERABLE LIMITED WARRANTY on its mobile food units for one year from the date of completion.
  • During the warranty period, if any USAMC manufactured part should fail due to defect, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge once written authorization from USAMC has been given.
  • If USAMC is not able to inspect the requested repair, the mobile food unit may be taken to the nearest USAMC approved facility appropriate for the requested repair. A repair technician will then inspect and provide an estimate of the requested repair(s). Upon USAMC receiving the repair estimate and discussing with the repair facility the intended repair procedure, at its discretion USAMC will then authorize the repairs and provide payment for said repairs. No repair work is to begin without written authorization from USAMC.
  • Warranty on all internal or external equipment that is supplied by USAMC but not manufactured by USAMC carries its transferable original manufacturers or suppliers in-house warranty policy. All equipment repairs requested on equipment that is not manufactured specifically by USAMC will need to be initiated with the original equipment manufacturer or supplier in the case of a supplier warranty. USAMC is not responsible for and cannot conduct any repairs to any equipment that is not manufactured by USAMC.
  • All workmanship and equipment manufactured by USAMC is covered directly by USAMC.
  • All work or replacement parts must be authorized by USAMC prior to proceeding.
  • Other types of damage, but not limited to misuse or abuse, are not covered under the warranty of USAMC. Alterations, Misuse, Abuse or Negligence in operation void all USAMC specific warranties.
  • USAMC cannot be held responsible for any loss of business which may occur due to any part or equipment failure.



  • USAMC handles all your shipping needs through our local logistics and brokerage companies and we are able to ship anywhere in the world.
  • We set up all the shipping for you and you pay the logistics company directly for the shipping costs. This will save you money. You will deal directly with the shipping company to track your order.
  • And even though it is rare, you will deal direct with any damages that may occur while in transit. It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to inspect your unit upon arrival and report any damages immediately to the shipping company, the carrier and USAMC. Please record any damages in writing as well as by photo.
  • USAMC will deal with all the customs clearances and brokerage so there is no worry about your order crossing the border. USAMC also covers the costs of the brokerage fees.



USAMC not only manufactures but we have the ability to ship the food truck to your location. No need for you to worry about the logistics of moving your food truck once it is complete. We can ship almost everywhere. Give us a call 1-215-644-9410 to discuss your shipping requirements.

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